EQ-i 360 Assessment and Coaching

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Multi-Rater Emotional Intelligence Assessment and Coaching

The EQ-i 360 is a multi-rater measure of Emotional Intelligence designed to provide you with a complete "360-degree" view of your emotional and social functioning. Your report combines your self-evaluation of EI with that your raters (manager, direct reports, peers, family/friends, others) providing you with a rich understanding of your EI capabilities.

EQ-i 360 report is the computer-generated private report prepared by Multi-Health Systems, publishers of the EQ-i and EQ Leader Program. Results will not be shared with the raters. You also receive a personalized evaluation and coaching by Dr. Avunduk, which links your interview and results to your raters results and allows you to be aware of your blind spots to focus your development on where it will make the more significant change to balance the EQ skills.