EQ skills affect a person's ability in dealing with challenges in life.

About Dr. Yesim Avunduk

After obtaining her BSc. and MSc. degrees in Management Engineering, Dr. Yesim, spent a good part of her carrier working for multinational companies as a high-level executive. At the same time, she assumed advisory roles in a number of International Associations.

Following her research on the impact of emotional intelligence on job performance of medical doctors and public transport drivers, she finished her doctoral dissertation in 2016 and focused her efforts on how to put the latest findings in the field of emotional intelligence into practice, to help people change their quality of life, develop awareness and attain success in their relationships. Meanwhile, her passion for improving communication skills, face-to-face conversation, and EQ skill development gave birth to Quiqqo project.

As a corporate consultant and coach, she makes extensive use of state of the art EQ-i assessments to help increase employee creativity, productivity, and innovative thinking. Her corporate program also includes tailored one-on-one leadership programs for upper management.

As a researcher, Dr. Yesim actively focuses on exploring the science behind emotional intelligence.

Identifying Blind Spots

Emotional Intelligence Assesment allows individuals to be aware of their blind spots and to focus their development on where it will make the bigger change to balance the EQ skills. 

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EQ means the success in life

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